Wife, Mother, Advertising Art Director, Professional Photographer, Blogger

Nearly six months after a cardiologist told her that the chest pain she was experiencing was not due heart problems, Tammy found the largest of five lesions in her left breast – entirely on her own.


“Cancer has a way of turning your life upside-down and inside-out. Nothing about this diagnosis or this never ending treatment path have been easy for me, but at the end of the day I do also see all of the good that has come from my cancer as well.” ­
– Tammy (diagnosed at 33)

From the moment she was diagnosed, Tammy wanted to do everything possible to turn her frightening and life-changing situation into something positive. Experienced in advertising, design and photography, she began to document and share her journey. In just a few short years, Tammy has turned her personal blog into a source of inspiration, offering a uniquely honest and raw look into the daily struggles that come with a breast cancer diagnosis.

Tammy’s creative background also led her to start the Forgotten Fighters campaign. Its goal is to start a conversation that puts breast cancer on the radar of young women, empowering them to take charge and be their own breast advocate.

Still dealing with post-treatment and surgical fatigue, Tammy has restricted movement in her left arm as well as ongoing pain. She still faces two surgeries and infusions to treat the after-effects of chemotherapy. Still, Tammy admits that she wouldn’t take the experiences of the past 18 months away because of all the positive changes it has made in her life.

Take a deeper look into Tammy’s personal journey with breast cancer on her blog: mypersonalpinktime.org.